Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend Endings and Easter Eggs Guide


Good A Ending

The Good A Ending is mostly a perfect conclusion for Kimmy and company but it just lacks one crucial detail. This ending will play if Kimmy chooses the traditional wedding dress instead of the fun one. It’s the fun choice that’s presented in the special, but it turns out to be crucial for Kimmy to achieve the best day of her life. She’s still ecstatic, but she admits that something feels off.

True “You Win” A+ Ending

The very best ending that’s possible comes from making decisions that demonstrate a thorough understanding of Kimmy and her thought process. Other endings chastise the audience for operating in an un-Kimmy-like way, which is a major hint on how to get the best ending for the special. It’s important for not only Kimmy to be happy, but also her friends, as well as her fun personality coming through in the choices that are made. If Titus and Jacqueline’s movie obstacles get resolved, Prince Frederick successfully works out his personal baggage, and Kimmy rescues the women in the bunker and chooses the high ground with the Reverend then the true ending will play out (provided the fun wedding dress has been chosen over the traditional). The episode explicitly says “You Win” on the screen as Kimmy and friends celebrate.

In addition to a number of different endings that are possible in Kimmy Vs. The Reverend, there are also a few Easter eggs and secret pieces of content that are hidden away in the special.

Theme Song Easter Egg

This is one of the easier Easter eggs to stumble upon in the special, but it’s still very entertaining. Viewers that are of the more impatient variety that want to skip through the show’s theme song will be “punished” in an amusing way. Attempts to skip the theme will result in the song’s performer coming out to scold the audience and play the full, extended version of the theme song instead.

Multiple Reverend Murder Easter Egg

The most important decision that Kimmy has to make during this special is what she will ultimately do to the Reverend after she catches up with him. If Kimmy kills the Reverend in any of the available options, a bad ending will play out and the audience will get another chance to determine the Reverend’s fate. However, if the viewer chooses all three of the options to kill the Reverend, it triggers a bonus scene. Set in Hell, the Reverend will congratulate the viewer on killing him in every possible manner, while he gets cozy with the predatory Mr. Frumpus puppet and the two croon Sugar Ray songs together.

Blooper Reel Easter Egg

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