My Hero Academia Season 4 Finale Ending Explained


The largest change here is that this Nomu is actually quite intelligent and capable of speech. He uses his skills in a very efficient manner where he’s able to split himself into an army of Nomus that can attack the public and then use his regeneration skill to recover the lost mass. It’s enough to turn this Nomu into a considerable threat for the city. 

Who Is Endeavor’s Number Two?

Endeavor does a very good job against Nomu and displays some new skills in the process that pack quite the punch. However, Endeavor likely wouldn’t have been able to overcome Nomu if he didn’t have Hawks fighting by his side. Hawks gets a substantial introduction in the previous episode as the hero that really pushes Endeavor to accept the new level of responsibility that he faces. Hawks may be a cocky, young hero that’s reached a high level of success at an early age that’s left him out of touch in many regards, but he’s still passionate about doing what’s right. 

Hawks takes care of many of the duplicate Nomus that are produced and consistently covers Endeavor when he needs backup. Not only are Hawks’ aerial skills and feather projectiles a tremendous asset, but he even uses his feathers in tandem with Endeavor to help give him a speed boost and allow him to access even more power. Hawks is more than happy to proudly wear the label of Endeavor’s Number Two.

How Does Endeavor Defeat Nomu?

Endeavor shows off intense abilities like Flashfire Fist Hell Spider that easily level the city, but Nomu’s regenerative skills are just too powerful. Endeavor and Hawks can wipe out all of Nomu’s duplicates, but he just continues to make more. Endeavor attempts to incinerate Nomu from the inside out as a way to beat him, but even that doesn’t work. Finally, after an intense burst of heroism and pride, Endeavor pulls off a powerful new move that symbolizes his rise to the top: Plus Ultra Prominence Burn. The maneuver entails Endeavor flying Nomu high up into the Earth’s atmosphere so he’ll burn up in conjunction with Endeavor’s Quirk. It’s an extreme move that finally works, but it nearly costs Endeavor his own life in the process.

Is There A New Number One Hero?

Endeavor’s last-ditch effort to defeat Nomu almost becomes a suicide mission, but it’s a strategy that works. There are moments of uncertainty during Endeavor’s battle where the public are in genuine panic. They’re not just worried that they might get hurt, but they’re terrified that they no longer have a Number One hero to depend on for disasters like this. The fact that Endeavor is willing to risk his own life to defeat the enemy is exactly the kind of extreme dedication that they’ve been looking for. The powerful way that Endeavor defeats Nomu acts as the best kind of indoctrination for him as the public’s new Symbol of Peace. Everyone, including his neglected family, appear to have at last accepted him as All Might’s replacement. 

What Lies Ahead For Endeavor?

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