Dead Man In A Ditch: Exclusive cover launch

Dead Man In A Ditch, Exclusive, News

Fetch Philips has nothing left to believe in. Which is why he’s surprised when the people of Sunder City start to believe in him…

Rumour has it that Fetch is only one who can bring magic back into the world. So when a man is murdered in a way that can only be explained as magical, Fetch is brought in on the case. A case which just might unearth things best left buried…

This sequel to The Last Smile In Sunder City follows the adventures of Fetch Phillips – a character destined to be loved by readers of Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Butcher and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

About the Author:

Luke Arnold was born in Australia and has spent the last decade acting his way around the world, playing iconic roles such as Long John Silver in the Emmy-winning Black Sails and his award-winning turn as Michael Hutchence in the INXS mini-series Never Tear Us Apart. When he isn’t performing, Luke is a screenwriter, director, novelist and ambassador for Save The Children Australia. The Last Smile In Sunder City was his debut novel. He can be found on Twitter as @LongLukeArnold. Website:

Dead Man In A Ditch will be published on 8 October by Little, Brown Book Group priced at £8.99 for paperback.

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