The Outlast Trials: First Details for Co-Op Horror Spin-Off

Developer Red Barrels is working on a new Outlast game called The Outlast Trials

“Whilst not a direct sequel to the other critically acclaimed Outlast titles in the series, The Outlast Trials will be set in the same thrilling universe: more precisely, right in the middle of the Cold War era,” Red Barrels says of the title via a recent press release. “The Outlast Trials will allow players to face the horrors of the trials by themselves or cooperate with up to 3 other test subjects. After all, it’s always better to shit your pants with some friends!”

Sadly, that description and a single photo that looks more like a piece of concept art are really all we have to go on at the moment in regards to the finer points of the game. As such, we can really only guess as to what the game will play like.  

If we had to guess, though, we’d say that this will likely be a more intimate horror experience that is similar in scope to the original Outlast title in the sense that it will see you try to survive the horror of a particular facility. We’d love to see the game’s co-op mode serve as a kind of horror version of Portal, but it’s a little too early to say whether or not that’s what we’re going to get out of this. 


In any case, it’s good to know that Red Barrels is returning to the Outlast universe. The original Outlast is one of the most important and overall great horror experiences of the modern era. Outlast 2 suffered from some missteps, but it still left us with the general impression that Red Barrels knows how to craft truly memorable horror titles.

There’s no word on when The Outlast Trials will be released or for what platforms, but Red Barrels states that they have “been working on developing the title for months and is now ramping up the production process.” They also promise to focus on “content creation, variety… and gore.” 

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