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Supernatural Season 15 was confirmed by The CW back in January, to no one’s surprise. However, it turns out that the Winchesters aren’t going to live forever, since we would later learn that said fifteenth season will be the final one for the long-running genre series, set for a 20-episode run.

Believe it or not, Supernatural is the longest-running genre series in American broadcast television history. The series is also the last remaining vestige of The WB network, which merged with UPN in 2006 to create The CW network as we know it today.

Here’s our review of the latest episode. And here’s our recent interview with Ruth Connell, aka Rowena.

What’s next? Episode 5, “Proverbs 17:3” Check out the promo…


And here’s the synopsis…

Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious death of a girl and the disappearance of another.

Here’s everything else we know about Supernatural Season 15!

Supernatural Season 15 Episode Guide

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Supernatural Season 15, Episode 1: Back and To the Future

Picking up here we left off last season, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) are left to defend the world after all the souls in hell have been released and are back on Earth and free to kill again.

Original airdate: 10/10/19

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Supernatural Season 15, Episode 2: Raising Hell

Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) call on Rowena (Guest Star Ruth Connell) to help keep the evil souls at bay and get an unexpected assist from Ketch (Guest Star David Haydn-Jones).

Original airdate: 10/17/19

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Supernatural Season 15, Episode 3: The Rupture

Sam, Dean and Rowena work tirelessly to keep all of hell from breaking loose; Castiel cannot forgive an arrogant betrayal.

Original airdate: 10/24/19

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Supernatural Season 15, Episode 4: Atomic Monsters

Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious death of a girl and the disappearance of another.

Original airdate: 11/7/19

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Supernatural Season 15, Episode 5: Proverbs 17:3

Sam and Dean’s routine case turns out to be anything but.

Original airdate: 11/14/19

Supernatural Season 15, Episode 6: Golden Time

Sam and Dean are visited by an old friend. Castiel investigates the disappearance of a local teen.

Original airdate: 11/21/19

Supernatural Season 15, Episode 7: Last Call

Dean takes a break from demon slaying to “recapture his mojo,” – When he meets an old hunter friend, Leo Webb, “the two have a wild night out.”

Original airdate: 11/28/19

Supernatural Season 15 Trailer

This trailer for the Supernatural Season 15 premiere provides a preview of the moments immediately following the Season 14 cliffhanger moment, in which Chuck/God proved that he’s not “one of us,” when he unleashed the gates of Hell when he didn’t get what he wanted.

The trailer immediately below, appropriately titled “Last Ride,” serves as an overall preview for Supernatural’s final season. While this manic montage may showcase imminently-returning familiar imagery of long-gone tropes (The Colt, Mark of Cain, Lucifer possessing Sam, a.k.a. “Samifer,” etc.), we can also catch new aspects like Christian Kane’s Leo Webb (engaged in a Predator-like manly handshake with buddy Dean,) and Jake Abel’s long-awaited return as Adam Milligan/Winchester, with the imagery of two Adams, with a presumably-resurrected real Adam opposite one who’s still possessed by a cage-sprung (Prime Universe) Michael.

With the final season of Supernatural, it’s only natural for the series to be preemptively nostalgic in its array of ephemera such as the trailer immediately below, which artfully curates (to use the show’s parlance,) the road so far, which stretches back 15 years.

Below is the first trailer for Supernatural Season 15, showcasing a swan song of a season that’s shaping up to be a greatest hits review of monsters, thanks to the Season 14 cliffhanger moment in which Chuck opened the gates of Hell, freeing its imprisoned evil spirits, many of whom were sent there by Sam and Dean.

Supernatural Season 15 Cast

Christian Kane will field a guest role in Supernatural Season 15, according to EW. He will play Leo Webb, described as “a former hunter and a friend of Dean Winchester.” Kane, who’s best known to the Buffy fandom from his recurring role as Lindsey McDonald on 1999-2004 spinoff series Angel, has spent this past decade fielding long-term TV runs with TNT on 2008-2012’s Leverage and 2014-2018’s The Librarians.

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Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins released this video message to the fans following the big announcement of the show’s final season.

Jake Abel will return as Sam and Dean’s long-forgotten sibling, Adam Milligan (or, if you will, Adam Winchester), in Season 15, as showrunner Andrew Dabb confirmed in a post-Comic-Con panel presser. You can read more about Adam’s return right here.

Matt Cohen will reprise his role as Young John Winchester, as revealed via TV Line, during this past July’s San Diego Comic-Con festivities. No further details were disclosed about the return.

Of course, Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) are back for the final run, as is Misha Collins (Castiel). But what about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose long-gone John Winchester returned for the series’ 300th episode?

read more: Supernatural Showrunner Andrew Dabb on Reaching the 300th Episode

There’s no word on whether we can count on one more apperance from Papa Winchester, but Morgan had this to say on Twitter about the final season being announced: 

Here’s to hoping we get to see him back on the show one more time.

Supernatural Season 15 Plot

As executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb said of the final season (and its eventual resolution,) in a statement: 

“Firstly, we would like to thank all the people who have been involved with the show both in front of and behind the camera. For us it has been an experience of a lifetime. The support we have had from both Warner Bros Television and The CW has been incredible. We’d like to give special thanks to Jensen, Jared and Misha for making this journey so special. It is now most important to us to give these characters that we love the send off they deserve.”

The colossal cliffhanger of Season 14 saw the angered Chuck/God’s (Rob Benedict) apparent heel turn, in which he – after Sam, Dean and Castiel refused – killed Jack before having a celestial tantrum that unleashed the literal gates of Hell, freeing an array of evil souls back to Earth. However, in an interview with EW, stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins tease ambiguous motivations for Chuck in Season 15. – After all, he is God, who, as the saying goes, works in mysterious ways.

“This is, as far as we know, the most powerful being in the universe, and he’s against us,” Collins says, with Padalecki adding, “But we’re also struggling with: Is Chuck evil, or is he just trying to objectively write a story that’s exciting which controls our lives?”

However, this storyline will also contain the added element of philosophical questions of free will vs. fate. As EP Andrew Dabb explains:

“God’s been pulling the strings behind the scenes, and now Sam and Dean are really trying to break free for the first time in their lives.”

Additionally, it seems that Chuck’s hellacious jailbreak will yield Season 15 a plethora of monstrous reunions. As Ackles teases:

“There’s specific characters that we’ve dealt with in the past that will reprise their role.” Adding, “That doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody’s walking out though. Even though the doors are unlocked and people are walking out of hell, not everybody is quite as eager to jump ship. That begs a question of ‘why’ and it begs a question of ‘when will they?’” As Ackles also cheekily teases of the unnamed returnees: “I guess they age the same in Hell [as] they do on Earth, because the actors look a little older.”

So, in the very least we should expect the return of Fredric Lehne as the show’s original big bad, Azazel, a.k.a. Yellow Eyes, right?

Of course, Supernatural has a lot of loose ends to tie up, and we’re not just talking about what happened in the Season 14 finale. With more than a decade of storytelling to conclude, how will showrunner Andrew Dabb go about it? 

As Dabb previously told Entertainment Weekly

“God was not kidding when he said it was the end of this story. And by the end of this story, it means the end of the world. The question of what that looks like, the question of how Sam and Dean deal with that, I think those are the big things that we’re going to explore going into season 15.”

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