Primal: Genndy Tartakovsky Series Release Date, Trailer, and News


More than anyone, Adult Swim knows that animation can take you to a wide variety of times and places. So for the networks’s next offering, they’re going all the way back to pre-history.

According to Deadline, Adult Swim has ordered Primal, a new animated series from Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory creator Genndy Tartakovsky. Primal will feature a caveman at the dawn of evolution and a dinosaur at the brink of extinction. The two creatures, one on the way out and one on the way in, will forge an unlikely friendship and try to survive this dangerous world. 

Primal will be a return to Adult Swim for Tartakovsky. The respected animator has spent recent years at Sony crafting the Hotel Transylvania films. Just last year he struck a deal with Sony to direct two more animated features at the studio.

He first came to prominence on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim though. Samurai Jack aired the first of its four seasons on Cartoon Network with the final one moving to Adult Swim. Samurai Jack’s fifth season in 2017 was the first in 11 years. 


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Tartakovsky also created the original Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Cartoon Network. His animation methods helped establish Adult Swim’s house style and have long been a recognizable visual calling card. Judging by the first trailer for Primal, it looks like those lush Samurai Jack-style visuals are back again.

Primal Trailer

Adult Swim released a first look at Primal during the Tartakovsky panel at SDCC 2019. Get a load of the dino v. dino action below.

Here is the gripping first trailer for Primal

Primal Release Date

Primal will feature half hour episodes and will air sometime in the fall.

We will update this post as more information on Primal becomes available.

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