The Silver Wind by Nina Allan exclusive book cover reveal

Exclusive, Nina Allan, The Silver Wind

In anticipation for the release of fantasy author Nina Allan’s latest novel The Silver Wind, we’re thrilled to be able to reveal the book’s cover (above, click here to see full size). The Silver Wind itself will be published on 10 September 2019 from Titan Books.

Read more about the book here:

Martin Newland is fascinated by the nature of time. Watches and clocks are for him metaphorical time machines, a means of coming to terms with a clouded past and voyaging forward into the future. But was his first timepiece a Smith, given to him on his fourteenth birthday, or the Longines he received as a present four years later? Was it the small brass travelling clock unearthed in the run-down house for which he is to act as estate agent? And who is the maker of these time machines?

Clues abound but contradict each other: was it an ex-seaside circus performer, or a ‘miracle dwarf’ engaged in a government project to subvert the course of time into parallel realities? As Martin pursues these mysteries, is he haunted by the spirit of his dead brother, or by the death of his beloved sister?

Award winning author Nina Allan constructs a remarkable narrative in which five separate segments of story interlock and interweave like the perfectly honed cogs of a watch mechanism.

Nina Allan’s debut novel The Race was shortlisted for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the BSFA Award and the Kitschies Red Tentacle. She has won the BSFA Award for Short Fiction, the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, and the Aeon Award. She has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award four times and was a finalist for the 2014 Shirley Jackson Award. She blogs at

The Silver Wind by Nina Allan publishes 10 September 2019 from Titan Books.

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