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      1. Join Dovoro

        Enterprise Vision

          1、Technology Changes the Way of Living

          The tool and key that lead the industry is technology, with the ultimate goal of continuously improving the quality of people's life. However, as people's demands for living continue to rise, traditional design and manufacturing processes, as well as the properties of materials, cannot meet the requirements of sustainable development. The long-term vision of Dovoro is to make its products more environmentally friendly, socially harmonious, functionally advanced, and technologically simple, and fully meet the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection, speed, and livability.

                2.Lead light-weight green buildings

          Leading the industry: is to be the direction guide and innovator of light-weight green buildings.

               Leading the industry is not only a positioning in its own industry, but also a responsibility for the development of the industry. Light-weight green buildings are the current and future development direction of enterprises. Providing light-weight, durable, healthy, environmentally friendly, convenient, resource saving, and environmentally friendly buildings is the primary goal of Dovoro.



        Enterprise Mission

        1.Promote development through technological innovation

          Answered our questions about how to meet the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, and society. Only through full development can there be the possibility of meeting the needs of all parties. And technology and innovation are the foundation of Dovoro's entrepreneurship. For small and medium-sized enterprises, only continuous technological innovation can maintain sustained growth.

         2.Make progress with customers and employees

          The purpose of development of enterprise is to make progress together with customers and employees, which not only reflects the value orientation of enterprise development, but also indicates the position and attitude of the enterprise in terms of interest orientation. Objectively, it also defines the relationship between customers, employees, and the enterprise.

                Only by promoting development through technological innovation can the enterprise meet the needs of relevant parties. Meanwhile, the relationship between relevant parties has also been fully defined. 



        Product features: light, fast, full

          Light (light-weight roof), fast (fast installation), full (full service)

        Technical mark:  Product inventor

        Values: Sincerity:faithfulness, and perfection

        Quality positioning: surpassing European standards and leading the industry

        Brand Style: colorful, rich, and auspicious



        Become a distributor

        A professional and complete team provides comprehensive service support covering from scheme design, architectural design optimization, construction scheme guidance, cost estimation, warehousing and transportation, various accessories to pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales.

        Become a distributor now
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