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      1. Product Service


        “Mirage” corrugated asphalt tiles

         It is commonly used for roofs with purlin system and ordinary civil buildings.

        wave number:10/11
        wave height:38mm
        * Remark: Both color and length can be customized (pictures are for reference only)
        • Police Blue

        • Antique Red

        • Cobalt Blue

        • Grey

        • Orange Red

        • Withered-leaf Yellow

        • Blue Grey

        • Steel Grey

        • Silkcut Blue

        • Brown

        • Spanish Red

        • Sunglow Red

        • Rock Grey

        • Highly Saturated Blue

        • Bright Red

        • Medium Grey

        • Crec Blue

        • Royal Blue

        • Penang Blue

        • Coastal Blue

        • Salmon Pink

        • French Blue

        Product Introduction

        1. Dovora “Mirage” corrugated asphalt tile is made of mineral plant fibers soaked in asphalt under high temperature and pressure. The tile is more solid overall and has strong toughness. And the thermosetting resin maintains strength of tiles;
        2. High-quality raw materials combined with advanced coloring technology ensure long-lasting color of the product. The mixed color spraying process makes the appearance of tile exquisite, makes its color elegant and beautiful, and makes the texture delicate and stereoscopic, which can meet various building needs.

        3.  “Mirage” corrugated asphalt tiles are mostly used for roofs with purlin systems and ordinary civil buildings, mainly including roof retrofit, leveling and sloping, residential buildings, industrial factories, warehouses, and rural buildings.


        Unique advantages: completely waterproof, elegant color, corrosion-resistant, customized on demand, convenient installation, light-weight and earthquake-resistant, strong wind-resistance, ventilation and dehumidification

        Product Advantages

        Elegant color

        Advanced formulation of color, and special coatings combined with advanced coloring techniques ensure the elegance and durability of colors.


        Reliable waterproof performance

        The asphalt material itself has excellent waterproof performance, and the effective overlap further ensures waterproofing.


        Ventilation and dehumidification

        There is 200 cm3 space under each square meter of tile, which can effectively exhaust the heat and moisture under the tile, and makes the insulation and ventilation dehumidification performance excellent.


        Weather and corrosion resistant

        The high-quality base layer and coating make the colored corrugated asphalt tiles had strong weather resistance, UV resistance, and acid alkali corrosion resistance.


        Rapid installation

        The colorful corrugated asphalt tiles, characterized by simple structure and convenient and fast installation, can be quickly installed on various base layers to shorten construction period.


        Wind resistance

        It has strong tear-resistance and can withstand typhoons of level 12 or even higher as long as the amount of nails used is ensured.


        Light-weight and seismic resistance

        Because of the weight of only 3.5 kilograms per square meter of the material, even if a house collapses during an earthquake, the roof tiles will not cause significant harm to people, making them the best roofing material for earthquake prone areas.

        Application Cases



        Become a distributor

        A professional and complete team provides comprehensive service support covering from scheme design, architectural design optimization, construction scheme guidance, cost estimation, warehousing and transportation, various accessories to pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales.

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